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Dog Training Tips

Free and Premium Content for Every Dog Owner

Start Your Fresh Food Feeding Journey Today

Meat Variety

"You are what you eat" - this principle extends to our dogs! Behavioural issues are often linked to brain health, which is, in turn, influenced by diet. Follow this guide to transition your dog from kibble to fresh food feeding. 

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The Fool-Proof Perfect Recall

Dog behaviour specialist in Melbourne working with a client.JPG

Unlock the secrets to reliable recall training.
Learn how to ensure your dog comes back every single time. Making walks and adventures stress-free!


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Preparing Your Dog for Your Absence: Care Tips and Transitioning Back Home


Learn how I preparing my dog for your absence when I go away. Explore tips on finding suitable accommodation, preparing your dog for the separation, and smoothly transitioning them back into routine upon your return.

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Choosing the Perfect Breeder


Discover how selecting breeders who give pups the right start is crucial for a healthy, well-adjusted and confident dog. Make informed choices on finding the perfect breeder for your future dog!

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Food Rewards - How to Make it Effective and Motivating?

Dog lying in the withered grass

Did you know there are many ways to reward your dog with food? Learn how to make your food rewards captivating and motivating. Remember, it should never be just a treat.

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Crate Training - It's Never Too Late To Start! 

Sleeping Dog

Crate training can help prevent separation problems and transition challenges. Follow this step-by-step guide to help your dog feel safe and comfortable in their crate. It's never too late to teach your dog to love their crates! 


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Guide To Dog Ownership

To Dog Or Not To Dog Pic_edited_edited.j

Wondering if 'Dog life' is for you? 

Download this eBook with 10 three-minute chapters to help you make this life-changing decision! 

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Holiday Travel with Your Dog - Tips for A Stress-Free Trip


Get ready for a seamless holiday with your dog! Discover essential tips on what to bring, key considerations, and how to maintain routine for a smooth transition during your travels. Start planning your trip today!

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Understanding Dog Reactivity: Why Dogs React To Other Dogs

Dog on Leash

Uncover the reasons behind dog reactivity towards other dogs. Gain insights into triggers, behaviour management, and strategies to help your dog become more content

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