My name is Diona. 


I am passionate about animals and have been working with them for over ten years. My unique training philosophy includes all I have learnt over the last decade, and my success is built on the forms of communicating that humans and animals use to understand each other.


I can help you and your dog form a bond that lasts, and avoid needing excessive instruction to let your dog be the best it can be.

My training methods are adapted to suit your dog's unique needs, and I will teach you how to build a fantastic relationship with your dog.

Your dog will be happier, healthier and more calm. Contact me today!



What I do


I offer a range of courses catered for new dog owners, dogs with behavioural challenges, as well as those who would like to train their dogs to become Therapy Dogs.

Because I know every human-dog relationship is unique, I work with you to assess your unique situation, your dog's unique qualities, interests and behaviours. 

You will have one-on-one attention from me, while I empower you with knowledge and skills to help you and your dog have a better life.

To learn more about my journey as a dog trainer and what I can do for you, please get in touch!