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Online Puppy Training

Comprehensive Online Puppy Training Program

Essential Online Puppy Training for New Owners

Welcome to my Online Puppy Training program, GOOD PUPPY BLUEPRINT, designed to give new puppy owners the essential guidance and support needed to start off on the right paw. This flexible and convenient option covers crucial early-stage training including puppy nipping, toilet training, crate training, and socialisation.

Expert mentor support in online puppy training
Effective private dog training in Melbourne
"I started the Puppy Blueprint program in the first week I got my pup. Diona is there with you the entire way, checking in for updates and providing tips and feedback, she goes above and beyond! Your not just given some basic instructions and left to figure it out."

Kaye, Golden Retriever   owner

What Sets Us Apart?

My program includes personalised mentor support!

As you progress through the course at your own pace, rest assured you'll have dedicated guidance every step of the way. Our mentors are here to provide tailored assistance, answer your questions, and offer support to ensure your success.

Toilet training guidance for new puppy owners

Start Your Online Training Adventure Today!

The GOOD PUPPY BLUEPRINT online training program is ideal for puppies under 12 weeks of age at the time of enrollment. For older puppies in Melbourne (teenagers!), please explore my Private Dog Training offerings.

Global Accessibility

Our online puppy training program isn't just for Melbourne puppy owners — it's accessible globally. Whether you're in Melbourne or halfway across the world, you can benefit from our comprehensive training approach.

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