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Experienced dog behaviour specialist in Melbourne

Your Go-To Dog Trainer

Diona is a dog training and dog behaviour specialist who helps owners raise well-behaved puppies and overcome dog behavioural problems

Why Choose Me for Your Dog Training Needs

I offer Online Puppy Training and Private Dog Behaviour Training.

My goal is to help you raise a well-behaved, attentive and relaxed dog without the need for constant instructions!

Good dog training is all about having an unbreakable bond with your dog. And you don't get good at this by asking your dog to 'sit' frequently. You need a deep understanding in how dogs communicate and provide a happy and fulfilling environment that will...

Personalized dog behaviour modification in Melbourne

Turn you and your dog into synchronised and bonded partners

Custom dog behaviour training in Melbourne for leash pulling

Help you go from feeling that your dog's 'not listening' to not needing to give commands

Personalized dog training in Melbourne for reactive dogs

Make you a relaxed and confident owner in all social environments

Dog behaviour specialist in Melbourne working with a client

Get you the stress-free and conflict-free joy in dog ownership you deserve

To raise a well-behaved dog without the need for constant instructions, you need to give your dog's innate desire to be good a chance.

No more repeating commands hoping your dog will listen. 

I will give you a step-by-step guide to bring out the best in your dog through better understanding, reduced frustration and conflict, and building a healthy relationship. 

My Training Philosophy and Approach

Experienced dog behaviour specialist in Melbourne

My Journey in Dog Training

Born in Hong Kong, I live in Melbourne with my husband, Murphy our Labrador, and Marlo our feisty cat ;)

I grew up under the claws of a typical 'Tiger Mum', have a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Science and a Masters of Teaching in Early Childhood. 

Over the past 14 years, I trained exotic animals in zoos, wildlife in game reserves, and assistance dogs for people with various disabilities. 

I accumulated high-level knowledge in the animal industry, reflected on my own upbringing under Tiger Parenting, combined my knowledge in Early Childhood education, and developed a unique philosophy that focuses on effective communication and lifestyle fulfilment between humans and dogs.

In 2022, I felt my calling as a teacher to share the expertise and knowledge I gathered with family pet owners, so I quit my job to build my own business. 

Over the few years, I have helped thousands of owners transform their relationship and lives with their dogs.


The feedback I got was phenomenal. 

I am desperate to get my knowledge out to more dog owners so they can raise a good dog who is always attentive and relaxed, without the need of constant commands or instructions. 


I am keen to help you gain the knowledge necessary to reduce frustration and conflict, create a strong understanding, deepen your relationship and build an unbreakable bond with your dog. 

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