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To Dog Or Not To Dog Ebook

To Dog Or Not To Dog Ebook

Wondering if doglife is for you? 🤔


Download this eBook with ten 3-minute chapters to help you make this life-changing decision! 


We'll delve into various aspects of dog ownership to help you make informed decisions and navigate the responsibilities that come with it. This book will cover the following topics: 


  1. What's a good dog?
  2. Are there bad dogs in this world?
  3. Assessing your lifestyle
  4. Time commitment
  5. Financial considerations
  6. Choosing the right breed
  7. Achieving the 'Good Dog'
  8. Long-term commitment and end of life care
  9. Exploring alternatives to dog ownership
  10. Ready to embark on your journey? 


By the end of this book, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a responsible and loving dog owner! 




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