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Day 9 - Mon 30 Mar

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

With our friends now pre-ordering for pick up, it gives us a bit more time to get ourselves organised and plan out our cooking. Instead of going to the grocery shops everyday, we decided to do a big shopping today.

We first went to an Asian grocery shopping store in Kensington where we got our Chinese sauces for the dumplings and cheap mince. Then we went to Costco to pick up some dairy products and chicken wings in bulk. After that, we went to the fresh vegetable store to get veggies and some last things from Woolworths.

Woolworths is taking social distancing very seriously, and Rudi and I got told off by a staff saying that we are not standing 2 metres away from each other. I was like, what? but we live together. He said, yes, you still have to stand 2 metres away from each other... Doesn't make any sense!

Us keeping our distances.

For the first time in 3 weeks, we also found TOILET PAPER on the shelves!

It was a record purchase of a total of $170 that would guarantee at least $200 of return!

Back at home, Rudi started cooking. He cooked non-stop while I did some Owners Corp work for Wharf Club. At 2pm, Tony from level 30 came down to pick up a dinner package for his whole family. They ordered the sardines with flatbread and truffled wild mushroom ragu pasta. Rudi and I gave them clear instructions on how to reheat and cook their meal. Tony said his wife Jenny is very happy that someone else is cooking for them after 37 years of marriage, haha!

At 6:30pm sharp, we delivered two servings of Chinese pork dumplings, some crackers and carrot dip up to level 15. Herb and Leonie just got out of a 2-week self-isolation after their return from Europe, they are free from today and are having our dinner as their first meal of freedom! We cooked 30 dumplings for them and gave them 10 extra ones, frozen, for them to cook later with the cooking instructions provided.

We, too, shared some dumplings for dinner. They were mega-delicious!

After dinner and clean-up, we watched Turbo on Netflix, had a avocado egg sandwich for supper, then went to sleep. What a day! :D

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