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Day 7 - Sat 28 Mar

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We skipped breakfast this morning before Rudi headed out to the podiatrist to collect his $600(!!!) insoles for his injured feet. I stayed home to prepare for my dog training class and started making dumplings. We need to get the 3 orders of Chinese pork dumplings ready by tomorrow!

Rudi came home to help me but his gwai lo fingers proved not helpful with this Chinese cooking. He spilt stuff everywhere, giving us an excuse to mop the floor!

At 1pm, I went downstairs to level 4 to do dog training. This couple has a noisy sausage dog, who needs training now that her humans are trying to work from home. :D

Later in the afternoon, Rudi got a message from his old restaurant letting him know that they are closing after today, and that if we need anything, we should go pick it up today. So we headed out on our bikes again to South Melbourne and picked up some yeast and 30 more eggs. We go through them so quickly when making pasta!

The weather was beautiful. There were a lot of people out for walks, with everyone keeping distances away from each other. We talked about how lucky we are to live in Yarra's Edge, as the spacious environment still allows residents to stretch their legs a bit while keeping social distances.

After dinner, we went up to our neighbours up on the 28th floor and played two games of bingo. I am not very lucky with the game! We stayed till around 11pm then went home to prepare the dough for our 4 focaccia orders tomorrow. Bedtime at midnight!

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