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Day 6 - Fri 27 Mar

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

At 9am this morning, I had an video conference with my team at school. It was very strange and awkward trying to meet on Google Hangouts, but I guess that's the new way of communicating during the coronavirus crisis! Google Hangouts shows the visual of the person who is talking. Laureen had a barking dog and Anna-Maria had a whiny daughter in the background, which made the whole scenario extra difficult!

While I did that, Rudi went for a hunt for mushrooms again. We got four more orders of the truffled wild mushroom ragu! In the afternoon, we delivered a frittata, ragu and kombucha to Cymbie. We rode our bikes so that we can exercise at the same time - hitting two birds with one stone!

Riding past Albert Park, we noticed that the spectator stands for Grand Prix were still set up. The virus has caused the cancellation of the race in mid-March, so these seats were never used. To make the best out of the situation, we rode along the racing track and waved at our imaginary fans while going through the roaring crowds! :D

After a quick shower at home, I headed off to a dog training session in Tower 1. Commuting to work is easy when your client is just a few towers away!

In the evening, we had the dahl that Cymbie made us for dinner - it was DAHLicious!

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