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Day 5 - Thu 26 Mar

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Early birds catches the worm!

Rudi and I woke up early in the morning and headed to the supermarket before it got busy. We were on a hunt for mushrooms. One of our menu items is truffled forest mushroom ragu pasta and we received 6 orders of it!

We then went to the community garden to harvest free herbs.

Back at home, Rudi smoked some lamb ribs so that they will be ready for collection on Sunday. All 3 portions have been reserved! :D

We then headed out to the supermarket again to look for semolina flour. Unfortunately, they were all sold out, in all 3 supermarkets we stopped at! Luckily, we finally found some at Essential Ingredient and Rudi's ex-workplace on Park Street had plenty to share. We rode our bikes later in the afternoon and picked up 4kg of plain flour, 4kg of semolina and 30 eggs.

At 7pm, we delivered 2 loaves of fresh focaccia and 3 servings of pasta to our neighbours. They were very happy with the food and the size of the servings.

At 9am, Rudi said he was bringing me somewhere and told me to wear something warm. I had no clue where we were going! On our bikes, he led the way, stopping by the bottle shop before ending up at Port Melbourne beach. From his backpack, he took out a bottle of wine, my favourite Dorritos, our portable speaker, and 2 wine glasses that he sneakily packed from home.

We celebrated the success of our little food project in the last few days, and pledged that we will celebrate again when we receive an order from our 21st returning customer.

The ride home under the starry clear night was quiet and relaxing. I think we did well on Day 5.

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