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Day 3 - Tue 24 Mar

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Our little project of keeping Rudi busy at home kicked off today...

Our first delivery of bolognese and fresh pasta to Yvonne who lives downstairs at Forge was at 9am. We did not set a price on the two portions for her and George, but she was extremely generous and gave us enough money to get us started on preparing other dishes!

We then ventured out to Costco where we FINALLY found some eggs! Eggs have been a shortage since almost two weeks ago. We need them to make more pasta!

Back at home, Rudi went 'back to work' and prepared more meals. I went for a long walk to the city with Alpa from upstairs. The city was deserted with barely anyone walking around. Considering it was rush hour, it was pretty bizarre! Alpa's gym had to close down due to government restrictions so she is no longer working, her husband has been working from home since two weeks ago, and her kids are now home all day long due to school closures. We went to a board game store in the city to get some games and puzzles to keep her kids entertained.

We then stopped by the supermarket where we saw social distancing measures taken very seriously. Queues had marked lines on the floor to ensure that people keep their distances!

Arriving back at home after a 2-hour fruitful walk, I delivered two portions of pasta bolognese to David who lives upstairs - our second customer!

In the evening, we delivered some Chinese noodle soup lunch boxes for Wendy and Jac who lives 10-minute-drive away. These noodle boxes came with a damn rich pork broth that's filled with glycogen deliciousness, braised pork belly, vegetables and a soft-boiled egg. Who wouldn't love these??? Wendy and Jac could not wait till the next day, they had them for dinner after we dropped them off... :D

Rudi and I had the same for dinner. DELICIOUS!!!

Back at home, we wrapped up some quiche Lorraine that Rudi made in the afternoon, and Rudi made 4 portions of pasta for my colleagues whom I will meet tomorrow.

He finished up in the kitchen at 10:30pm. What a long shift!

To wrap up the night, we kicked up our feet and watched half of the movie The Bucket List.

Cheers to a great start of our little project!

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