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Day 12 - Thu 2 Apri

It rained all day today so we stayed in. Rudi spent all day cooking and I read some dog training books, wrote a lot of emails for the OC.

Our food project is keeping us extremely busy. With returning orders streaming in, we can now group orders of the same dishes together, and get our 'kitchen' more organised. We can also buy groceries in bulk to limit the number of times that we have to visit the shops. We have 8 orders today, 14 orders tomorrow, and 8 on Sunday. We have purposefully left Saturday free so that we can prepare for our next (3rd!) menu and do some cleaning at home.

In the afternoon & evening, I delivered the orders while Rudi continued to cook. When I got home, Rudi made us SUPER DELICIOUS Korean style honey soy chicken wings. It was magnificent!

After feeding us, Rudi fed the worms. To our horror, the worms were all trying to escape, there were so many on the lid! Worms only try to leave when they are stressed about something, but we are not sure what they are stressed about. Maybe the COVID19? Or the economy? haha!!! Rudi scraped them off the lid like spaghetti while I watched from the bedroom window. I was in charge of lighting.

When all that is done, we sat down with with our cuddly Marlo and watched Kim's Convenience on Netflix.

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