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Day 11 - Wed 1 Apr

The weather continues to be beautiful today. The sun was out but everyone is stuck at home... Marlo and I enjoyed the view on the balcony this morning.

Other than Cymbie and Simon's anniversary dinner tonight, we purposefully did not take any other orders so that Rudi can focus on this big job. He's been preparing the different elements for their 5-course dinner since two days ago. Today, he's putting it all together.

I've tasted the elements separately, and all I know is that they are very lucky to have a fine-dining experience at home!

While Rudi cooked, I spent 4 hours on my computer working with Crystal on a translation project on children's books. Crystal has a friend who's a publisher in China and needed some urgent help with translating, so we are helping her while earning a bit of extra cash.

In the afternoon, we went to South Melbourne Market to pick up some fresh sardines and vegetables. We bumped into my school principal Steve again!

Rudi continued to prepare for Cymbie's dinner in the afternoon. The dishes that he made are so delicate. Every tiny ingredient was placed onto the plate one by one...

We carefully transported their dinner to their homes and Rudi taught them how to reheat and plate up other dishes.

Cymbie and Simon were very happy about their dinner. They messaged us later with this! This made me very proud of Rudi! :)

We had huge skull island prawns for dinner while watching Tiger King on Netflix. Rudi always cooks them perfectly!

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