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Day 10 - Tue 31 Mar

The weather was beautiful today. As Rudi filled the apartment with delicious smells of pancakes this morning, Marlo enjoyed laying on the ottoman in the sun.

Rudi made pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes) for breakfast and we enjoyed them with the last drops of maple syrup and golden syrup we have in our pantry. We haven't had them for a while since our old non-stick pan was no longer non-stick, but with our new frying pan, these turn out perfect! What a great start for our day!

In the late afternoon, I received an email from Mirvac Residential asking if I'd be interested in hosting an online dog training class and be promoted by Mirvac. It's a great indication that my social media posts have been working and reaching different people in the community, but I just need to evaluate if I have enough time during these crazy times with preparing for home schooling, next term of teaching, my own dog training and Rudi's food project!

With our shopping and to-do list, Rudi and went for a quick bike ride out to buy some vegetables for the extra vegetarian quiche orders we got, and picked some herbs from our community garden. The recent nice weather means that the herbs are regrowing extremely quickly, which works in our favour!

In the afternoon, we made our 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th quiche. Our quiche has been the most popular dish so far, because the cheeses that we get are high-quality and grate! ;)

At 5:30pm, I delivered my dog training client in Tower 1 her dinner by bike, then rushed home for the Owners Corp teleconference meeting. We've been 'meeting' fairly regularly to discuss measures to be taken place at our building. The meeting was suppose to be around 30 minutes but we ended up talking for 1 hour 15 mins! -_- At the moment, we have increased cleaning frequency, installed hand sanitisers everywhere, limit lifts to 1 person/family at a time, etc. More new measures to come when the government announces further restrictions!

Tristan, my other dog training client who lives downstairs came up to pick up his dinner at 6:30pm. Rudi greeted him as I was in the meeting in the bedroom. Tristan has been very supportive of our project and ordered one of each menu item! He is a paramedic, but is on holidays for two weeks because he had used an ambulance 4 days after a patient that has been tested positive for COVID19 was transported in.

For dinner, we had fresh bread bread and burrata to start with, which we scored for super cheap at the supermarket because it was going to expire in two days!

Then, Rudi made a mock main dish of what he is making Cymbie and Simon for their anniversary dinner tomorrow. Braised ox cheeks with celeriac and brussels sprouts... Ahh so delicious! Cymbie and Simon are in for a treat!

After cleaning up the kitchen, we watched My Neighbour Totoro before going to sleep. :)

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