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Day 1 - Sun on 22 Mar

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Today is the first day that the restaurant that Rudi works at closes its doors; the first day of us staying home together for god-knows how long.

Just minutes after we got out of bed, Rudi said, "Man, this is going to be the longest 6 months of our lives." I responded optimistically, "It's actually not that bad, we can get a lot of cleaning done!" Always look on the bright side! ;)

I proceeded to making breakfast - avocado, cottage cheese and eggs on toast. When breakfast was ready, I was greeted by a Brekky Hero. Oh god, it's only Day 1...

Equiped with masks, we visited South Melbourne Market and Queen Victoria Market in the afternoon. Rudi complained about how itchy his nose was THE WHOLE TIME.

We scored a whole John Dory for $10, a box of figs and grapes for only $4, and shit tons of carrots to make enough carrot dip for the village. [NOTE: Despite the empty shelves at supermarkets, the local markets actually have plenty of stock for all. Prices were definitely bumped up ($10 a cauliflower and $50/kg of ginger!!!!!), but there were definitely enough for all if you're willing to pay the price.]

For the rest of the day, we researched what sort of funding and support we may be able to get from the government during this crazy time (hopefully good news in the next few days!), watched the news to hear conflicting information from our nation and state leaders (still have no clue whether schools are open or shut), and had chicken mushroom pie for dinner.

Day 1 wasn't that bad.

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