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Feel confident in social environments

Be stress-free on walks

Create a calm and relaxing household

Find more joy in dog ownership


Never having to tell your dog off

Spending less time watching your dog's every move

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Maddy • Lulu, Saymoyed

I now have a settled, calm and non-reactive Samoyed who responds to my body language before a command is uttered.
I couldn't be happier! 

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L T • Frankie & Sam, Labradoodles

We have a much better relationship with our dogs now as we feel we can trust them more, resulting in calmer and more confident dogs; something we didn't think possible previously.

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Casey • Coco, Toy Poodle

We were shocked when after only 1 month of training, our dog had completely changed and we could leave her alone at home without her going crazy. 

Are you fed up with...

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dog training problems.png
dog training problems.png
dog training problems.png

Getting dragged on the leash

Your dog not listening even though they know they heard you

Not being able to fully relax at home

The feeling of stress when your dog barks & lunges at triggers

I have good news!

Dog ownership doesn't have to be so frustrating nor tiring, and certainly doesn't have to be stressful.

It's time unleash your dog's Good Dog Blueprint so that they can become more well-behaved without the need for instructions :)

I will give you effective communication and lifestyle fulfilment strategies so that you can raise out the 'good dog' you've always dreamed of!    

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But here's the thing...

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Good dog training is all about having an unbreakable bond with your dog.
And you don't get good at this by asking your dog to 'sit' frequently.

You need a deep understanding in how dogs communicate and provide a happy and fulfilling environment that will...

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If it was 'that simple', you'd just have to watch a few Youtube videos to have a good dog.

To truly bring out the

Good Dog Blueprint in your dog,

you can't just follow obedience training tips that work for others.

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Turn you and your dog into synchronised and bonded partners

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Help you go from feeling that your dog's 'not listening' to not needing to give commands

Dog Training Goals.png

Make you a relaxed and confident owner in all social environments

Dog Training Goals.png

Get you the stress-free and conflict-free joy in dog ownership you deserve

To raise a well-behaved dog without the need for constant instructions, you need to give your dog's innate desire to be good a chance.

No more repeating commands hoping your dog will listen. 

I will give you a step-by-step guide to bring out the best in your dog through better understanding, reduced frustration and conflict, and building a healthy relationship. 

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Introducing you to...


A four-week online workshop that unlocks the secrets to tapping into your dog's innate desire to be good. You will discover the effortless way to raise a well-behaved dog through my practical techniques and expert insights.

No need for bribes or high-value treats, we'll focus on building a strong bond and effective communication that motivates your dog to behave their best.

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What you'll learn inside Good Dog Blueprint

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Canine body language: What to look at and what to look for, and what it means

Proper socialisation: What & how?

Workshop Content_edited.png
Workshop Content_edited.png

How to communicate to our dogs in a way that gives them clarity

Understanding how to use equipment as a communication tool, not a restraining device 

Workshop Content_edited.png
Workshop Content_edited.png

Understand your dog's lifestyle needs and how to fulfil them

Loose leash walking: To have your dog by your side at all times, regardless of speed, directions and distraction levels

Workshop Content_edited.png
Workshop Content_edited.png

Identify what makes your dog blow up at triggers, and how to respond appropriately

How to get your dog to care about and focus on you

Workshop Content_edited.png
Workshop Content_edited.png

On-off switch: Teach your dog to be active when you are active, calm when you are calm

Teach your dog to act sensibly according to the situation they are in, without the need for an instruction

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At Beach With Dog

Is it for you? 

If you desire to...

  • Walk side by side on a leash with calmness

  • Enjoy brunch together

  • Relax peacefully at home

  • Impress as the perfect host

Then YES, it is indeed for you!

Join now and experience the incredible bond and synchrony with your dog!

4 x 1 hour LIVE Virtual Classes with Diona​

  • Q&A support between sessions

  • Weekly homework and tasks

  • Community support

My workshops have a maximum of 6 participants, ensuring optimal value and individual attention for all.


Australian Date & Times

Starting 8 Nov 2023


6:30-7:30pm AEDT 

6:00-7:00pm ACDT

European Date & Times

Starting 8 Nov 2023


8:30-9:30am CET


*Please convert to your own time zone for clarity.

*Recordings of sessions will be available for students after each class incase you miss one of the sessions! These recordings will be available for up to 1 week so you can catch up. 

*Refund policy: Diona The Trainer will only offer a refund if the workshop is cancelled or rescheduled by the Seller, or to the extent otherwise required by law (inlcuding the Australian Consumer Law).

Who am I to teach you this?

I am Diona.

With over 13 years of accumulated knowledge and skills, I am a dog training expert who has helped hundreds of dog owners transform their relationships with their dog.

My unique philosophy, which focuses on effective communication and lifestyle fulfilment between humans and dogs, brings out the innate goodness of your dog. 

My methods didn't just work for my dog and I, they also worked for my clients and their dogs!