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Behavioural Consultation

Well trained and relaxed labrador puppy

Do you have a dog that acts out? Does it struggle to get along with other people or animals? Does it drag you down the street?


If you've tried everything, it might be time to call upon an expert. I have helped many people who were in the same situation as you make changes and get their dogs in line with their daily lives.


At our initial consultation, I will assess your dog and whittle down the behaviours to their core reasons. I will give you tips & tricks to get you started. From there, we can discuss your training options moving forward and start creating your own unique training plan. With my help, no problem is too big or small!

Suitable for dogs over 6 months • $330, includes 1 x 90min consultation

Becoming a PAWrent?

Untitled design.jpg

Getting a new puppy soon? Congratulations! Let me help you get ready BEFORE your puppy arrives or before it's ready to venture out for walks. 

Becoming a PAWrent is an exciting time with so many things to think about. During our online session, I will guide you though what to expect when your puppy arrives. We will discuss what equipment you will need to prepare, how to set up a routine at home till your puppy is fully vaccinated, and how to make toilet training easy! 

Suitable for expecting and new PAWrents with unvaccinated puppies • $220, includes 1 x 60min online session

Human Coaching for Puppies

Diona training two obedience dogs

Is your puppy ready to venture out to the big world? This 4-week training course is for you!

In each weekly session, I will help create a great foundation for your puppy. A strong foundation helps eliminate behavioural problems that can lead to bigger issues later on. You will learn skills that you can use for a lifetime and grow to love your dog more than you thought possible. No stress, no force, just happiness and a strong bond.

Suitable for vaccinated puppies under 6 months • $1140, includes 4 x 60min training sessions

Therapy Dog Training

Well trained puppy who is encouraged to be relaxed and well-socialised

Training a puppy to become a Therapy Dog is no easy task. It requires patience, consistency, dedication and commitment. With my program, I assure you that your dog will become a fantastic dog that will be able to give years of service of bringing joy to the lives of those in need.

In my 45-week Therapy Dog Training course, you will:

  • Train a well-socialised puppy that shows no fear to its environment;

  • Teach your puppy manners and basic obedience, both at home and in public areas; &

  • Pass my Therapy Dog Assessment at the end of the course.


Not every dog is suitable to become a Therapy Dog, it is recommended to start training as early as possible • Please call to discuss your options • $8740, for the 45-week course • Payment plan is available 

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