HUman Coaching

Got a new puppy? This 4-week group training course is for you!

In each weekly session, you will learn about how dogs learn and how to make training fun and engaging for your lives. You will learn how to keep your puppy safe, teach your puppy basic obedience, and solve indoor issues. 


Suitable for puppies under 6 months of age

Each class will have a maximum of 2 puppies

$500, includes 4 x 1h training sessions

Training course starts on the first Saturday of each month, at 9:30am

Wharf Landing Park, 80 South Wharf Drive, Docklands

Behaviour Coaching

Are you having troubles with your adolescent or adult dog? Let's fix it together! 

This package is tailored to suit the specific needs of your dog.
Learn how to fix undesirable issues such as leash reactivity, bike-chasing, excessive barking, bolting across the road, toilet training, chewing, jumping on people, and more!


$500, includes 50min training session and 50min follow-up session

Additional follow-up sessions are available at a discounted $220 per 50min
Excludes travel surcharge of $1 per km from Docklands per session


to book now!

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Available across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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